District 13 (D13)
American Contract Bridge League
  Special Notices
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Most recent changes to content at this web site
  • Dec 15 - winter issue of IN newsletter posted (winter 2014)
  • Dec 11 - summary flyer for D13 GNT finals posted; for now, assume that detailed D13 Conditions of Contest are the same as for 2013-2014 (except for dates, etc.)
  • Nov 28 - Index page for STaC results at the ACBL web-site updated
  • Nov 22 - calendars updated with links to other web sites for potential flyers (warning: flyers usually only exist for at most 1 year in the future)
  • Nov 4 - approved minutes for May 2014 posted; new board member from Chicago unit; calendars to be updated again later this month
  • Oct 20 - Calendars 2014 - 2020 updated with information from District 13 tournament coordinator
  • Oct 17 - Calendars 2014 - 2020 updated
  • Oct 7 - the ACBL GNT conditions of contest for 2014-2015 are posted on this site (specific District 13 conditions sometime in ???)
  • Sept 16 - District 13 NAP finals posted
  • Sept 9 - yes, GNT for 2014-2015 has started, but the District 13 GNT conditions of contest will not be available until after the District 13 board meeting in late October 2014. For now, assume that the conditions will be very similar to last year's Conditions of Contest
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